The flood gates are open!

It's incredible to be here. After more than nine months in development, Nobl has joined the world. I won't bore you with all the details. Here's a brief timeline of what's been going going on over the past year (!).

  1. November, 2014: Nobl was a dream. A dream I thought about quite a bit. How can we apply the Guinness-like qualities of a nitrogen stout beer to iced coffee? How can we get the same texture, cascading pour, and incredible frothy head?

  2. January, 2015: Construction of the first prototype unit. She was beautiful; but she was too much.

  3. March, 2015: Beginning of the UNH Holloway Prize: Innovation-to-market competition. "This will be fun," I thought, "but I don't think I'll make it very far."

  4. Late March, 2015: Oh, strange. I made it to the next round.

  5. Late April, 2015. Oh, strange. I made it to the semi-final round. They must be confused.

  6. Late(r) April, 2015. I visited CQ Coffee Roasters in Manchester, NH. I purchased a half pound of everything they made, creating my largest roast experiment to date. Some were incredible; some didn't quite work with our method of cold brew. I pressed on to perfection.

  7. Early May, 2015: I finished first place in my category in the semifinals. We gave our first tasting to the public and the support was simply astonishing. I know I loved this stuff, but that was an easy sell; here I am, a homebrewer, craft beer snob, and lover of specialty coffee. I made the beer equivalent to coffee, of course I would like it. But seeing the look on the audiences faces light up after trying our coffee... it still makes me grin ear-to-ear.

  8. Late May, 2015. I placed third in the competition. What an incredible showcase of talent, research, and work; congrats to all that participated. Third was all I needed. A few days later, I quit my day job. Then I went on vacation. Two weeks in the Florida sun did wonders to clear my head & provide a terrible sunburn.

  9. June, 2015. This was the groundwork month. We talked to every roaster within a three hour drive of New England. We spoke with commercial kitchens, breweries, and retail locations. Websites were built, insurance was started, health inspections & process reviews... there's always something to keep you busy. We settled on Flight Coffee in Bedford, New Hampshire to do our roasting. On top of being a fantastic group to work with, they were roasting some of the best coffee I've ever had. We experimented with process, ingredients, water, pH, concentrates... and we finally arrived at our house roast, an organic fair trade blend from Tierra Farms. To show our love for the Northest, you'll find the tap handle proudly displaying Nobl Nitro: Nor'Easter.

  10. July, 2015. Prepare for launch! With the first location set for Wednesday, July 23rd, we're finally ready to release what we've been painstakingly working on for so long. The Juicery @ Pease Tradeport in Portsmouth will be offering our coffee along with their world class smoothies. Woohoo!